Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blueberries and GaGa Ball

On Wednesday, Box 402 options for our weekend of fun were either GaGa Ball (FREE!) or St. Augustine (Cha-Ching!). Although we really wanted to do both, St. Augustine just couldn't fit in to our time schedule. So we are delaying that a week and going to celebrate Mother's Day next weekend there! How fun! 

The weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend and this morning we started the day out blueberry picking at Beck Brothers Blueberries.

There were tons of delicious berries on thousands of blueberry bushes around the farm.

Lily evaluated each one before she decided if it was worthy of "the bucket".

I think we sampled more than actually made it into the buckets. Breakfast off the bush. Yum!

I loved looking at all the colors and would love to take my art students out here to paint.

And here are our beauties.

Yup. Blueberry picking on a nice May morning in Orlando was just the way to start our day.

And when we got home how could we NOT make the biggest blueberry pie ever!

Next it was on to GaGa ball. A GaGa ball pit isn't exactly something you pick up at the local Walmart and put together in a few minutes. So we had to improvise.

We racked our brains and finally decided the gazebo in the garden at our elementary school might work. It would definitely be a modified version of the game but the goal was fun and we were intent on having it.

Probably not as exciting as a real GaGa Ball game.

Especially since there were only four of us.

But it was competitive and got pretty intense between the kids.

 We finished off the day with a kickball game and walk through the neighborhood. 

Looking forward to next weekend's St. Augustine adventure!

Box 402 we love you! Two weekends of fun from one.

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