Saturday, May 16, 2015

We LOVE St. Augustine!

Box 402 revealed St. Augustine in our "Cha-Ching" envelope!

Benjamin and Lily both went with their 4th grade classes but,
 we had never been together as a family.

Having fun...


Finding amazing lines in nature!

The Fountain of Youth was the highlight of our trip.

We all drank from the spring and were "promised" eternal youth.

There is an active archaeological site there. 

The kids had a great time experiencing what real archaeologists do.

Watching the lighting of the cannon was extremely LOUD!! 
But really cool to watch.

There really were a lot of fun and educational activities here for every age.

And THIS is why we started P.O. Box 143! <3
My favorite picture from the day. 

A selfie with my teen. 
Like mother like daughter. :-)

It was all smiles from my monkeys.

Until they went to jail! 
Except Lily of course because she has a puppy. ;-p

And before we had dinner...we ate dessert first at this delicious cupcake shop!

And we used our new "hello" thank you notes.

The kids are getting creative with their cards now. 

I always wonder what they're writing.

Really looking forward to reading these treasures next year. 

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