Thursday, April 30, 2015

Box 402

We've added a few little things to P.O. Box 143

I found these great European travel themed tissues at Michaels.

And I couldn't pass up these note cards and stationary sets. They are a great reminder of our families ultimate goal for next travel to Paris to celebrate Gabriella's graduation!

The kids were so excited to open box 402 last night and see what 
weekend surprise plans we would have.

This time it was Benjamin's turn to open the box.

They love putting the key and turning it slowly.

Pulling out the envelopes is almost like pulling a present out from under the Christmas tree!

The girls got to open the envelopes this time.

Lily's "Cha-Ching" envelope had St. Augustine inside. 
What a great city! 
Full of awesome history.

Gabriella's "Free" envelope had GaGa Ball.

I had NO idea what GaGa Ball was!!

Apparently you need something like this.

And the game goes something like this.

We already have a pretty busy weekend. 
It will be interesting to see which activity we get to do from Box 402. 
But we are excited for either one!

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