Sunday, April 19, 2015

Box 401

This past Wednesday was our first time opening a box.

Box 401

Drum roll please :-)

And here are our choices...

Our free option is to play football.

And our "cha-ching" option is to go ice skating! 
Since we have extra money this week we are going ice skating!!

It's hot outside!

But inside it's nice and chilly!

Eight is enough for this family.

There was a little frustration from Benjamin but Gabriella helped keep him going.

Smiles were all around. Even after the frustration.

Our Box 401 brought a great day of skating and now it was time to head home and write our "Thank You" notes!

We thought these were tasty cute for our first box.

 After our weekend activity from each box we decided we would go home and write a TY note to the box. 

Everyone was allowed to write whatever they wanted in the note.

No one was allowed to tell anyone else what they wrote.

All the notes were put back into Box 401. Next year when we have finished opening all the boxes, we'll go back through and open all our thank you notes. 

I am so excited about all the new memories we are making!!

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