Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inside P.O. Box 143

So what's inside P.O. Box 143 that's going to help us make Gabriella's last year our most memorable?

First we started making a list. We planned for 30 weekends because the kids are with their dad every other weekend.

Each person had to come up with 15 ideas that were free.

And 15 ideas that cost money. 

We bought special paper, envelopes, and of course fancy silver sharpies.

We went around the table and each one of us gave an until...

We had 30 free ideas and 30 ideas that required money.

We folded all the memory ideas and put them into our envelopes.

Licking 60 envelopes got a little yuck after a while!

Yup Benjamin is still licking envelopes.

So each weekend there would be two choices. 

We would open the P.O. Box for each weekend the Wednesday before. 
If we had extra money we could choose the "cha-ching" activity. 
If not we could choose the "free" activity. 

And some weekends we could choose to do both!

All the envelopes were mixed up. We had no idea what was where. 
We can't wait until we open our first box!

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